Pirate Sign

Comes with a chain, and can be mounted on the wall/window, or placed on any flat surface. 

Low temperature, high security, highly energy efficient and durable. 100% handcrafted Real Glass Tube, NOT plastic tube lights or LED signs. 

Made by senior master benders supported with professional teams. Well tested, Quality assured.

Excellent for displaying in your shop, bar, pub, club, restaurant, room and anywhere you like. Wonderful AD sign and gift! Colorful and Impressive! Unique and Exquisite workmanship.


WHY BUY THIS? Because this neon Pirate sign will let your patrons, uh friends, know that your Man Cave is open. And who doesn’t have a curiosity of Pirates? You’ve seen the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Okay, it’s fictional, but you can learn the history of The Real Pirates of the Caribbean. And this neon Pirate open sign comes in three different sizes so surely you can find one for your Man Cave. And if you like Pirates, then find out about 8 Famous Pirates from History, including Blackbeard and Calico Jack. Man, Pirates have great names. Have you ever heard of a famous Pirate called “John the Pirate.” Of course not. Rather, it’s Captain Silver Tongue. Or Blackboots. You get the picture.

And if Pirates is your thing, then consider this Captain Morgan Neon Sign or the Captain Morgan Bar Sign on your Man Cave wall. Otherwise, how about this three piece wall art canvas of a red Pirate ship.

three piece wall art canvas of a red pirate ship