Golf Ball Pint Glass

16oz Pint Glass with New Titleist Golf Ball Embedded. High quality, heavy glass holds a true 16oz pour (minus a few drops because of the golf ball). 100% safe to use to drink. Freezer safe.

 Each pint glass is hand-sculpted in a glass workshop in Wisconsin to create a unique drinking masterpiece.

WHY BUY THIS? Because, unless you’re a low-handicap golfer, this golf ball pint glass to fill with beer should remind you of all the bad shots you’ve hit during your lifetime, though we have tendency to only remember the good shots. Hey, that’s why you keep playing golf? You know, when your spouse asks how you played, you simply respond, “Well, I shot a one-hundred and sixteen, but I put my second shot on the par four twelfth hole within six inches of the pin.” Of course, you don’t tell her you missed the birdie putt. In addition to a beer-filled golf ball pint glass, you can take a look at the Hockey Puck Pint Glass. Or, you can consider this Golf Ball Rock’s Glass as part of your Man Cave barware…

Golf Ball Rocks Barware