Pin-Up Girl Sign

Double Sided Marquee Sign Of Metal Construction Measuring 25” x 8.9” x 3.3” and Weighing 4 LBS. Sign Features Retro Gas Station Pump and Brunette Pin-Up Girl.

This Off The Wall Sign Features 6 Large LED Bulbs and Comes With 2 Replacement Bulbs.

WHY BUY THIS? Yeah, we know what you’re thinking. This pin-up girl LED double sided sign belongs in your Man Cave along with the French Maid Pedestal Side Table. Well, good luck on getting approval from your spouse. But if you’re single, or your marriage is on the rocks, or even if you have a rule in your house that your spouse is not allowed anywhere near your Man Cave, then you should buy this without hesitation. Or just buy this pin-up girl LED double sided sign for your Man Cave. And show your friends who wears the pants in your relationship. Or, if you want something really unique, then consider this six-foot Peacock Goddess Floor Lamp. It belongs in a Man Cave. But our sense is you may have trouble also obtaining approval from your spouse…

peacock goddess floor lamp