Gonex pickle ball raquette set of 4 made from very durable graphitic carbon fiber face and honeycomb composition with edge protection for better durability, approved by USAPA.

Only 7.9 ounces per pickleball paddle, this lightweight pulp makes it easy to switch between forehand and backhand for all ages, beginners or pro players. Also, the polymer honeycomb core does a great job of reducing the thumping sound for all indoor or outdoor play.

WHY BUY THIS? Because, apparently, Pickleball is the sport these days, and is destined to be the fifth American sport, just like Lacrosse, which we love by the way. Pretty simple as you just find an empty tennis court, and hit a plastic whiffle ball over the net with paddles. At least you are not chasing around tennis balls that fly over the fence. Let’s be clear. Playing with this Pickleball set involves movement on a court, so we do not expect adult participation, since you actually may break a sweat. Rather, playing with this Pickleball set will keep your Kids Entertained While you Hang out in your Man Cave. But for that, and unless you have a tennis court in your backyard, you will need a Pickleball Net. It’s worth it if it can keep your kids occupied for an hour or so. You can also take a look at the simple game of Kickball or Whiffle Ball. Or, you can consider this portable badminton set. Hey, they actually have a Badminton Hall of Fame. Go figure.

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