Patriotic Metal Wall Sculpture

What a better way to show you love our country then with our battled Tattered and Torn Patriotic Flag. hand painted and then finished in a glossy coated clear coat. Hangers welded on the backside to aid in hanging. Comes in 3 different sizes for your size home. 22 1/2″ wide, 31″ wide or 36″ wide.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you can display your patriotism in your Man Cave with this beautiful patriotic metal wall art sculpture. It’s custom made. And owning and hanging this unique patriotic metal wall art sculpture showcases your support for the greatest nation in the world and the men and women who fought for our freedom.

And we think you should also include at least one Declaration of Independence Whiskey Glass. As well as theĀ Pledge of Allegience Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass as part of your Barware collection. And you can consider this Whiskey Barrel Lid Pin Up Girl & American Flag. Take a look. Or the Born Free American Eagle Whiskey Barrel Head for one of your Man Cave walls. Take a look. Or even the Live Free or Die American Skull Whiskey Barrel Lid. It’s pretty cool looking. And if you’re looking to demonstrate your allegiance, you can take a look at our Patriotic decor and items. You can also consider this Bald Eagle American Flag wall decor.

American Eagle Wall Decor