Outlet Extender Wall Charger

With 6 AC outlets, 1 USB-C port, and 1 USB-A port you can easily power up to 8 appliances and mobile devices at the same time.

Features surge protection together with our exclusive 7-point safety system to give you peace of mind while powering your devices.

WHY BUY THIS?  Because you’ll need at least one outlet extender and wall charger with USB ports in your Man Cave. Especially during March Madness when you’ll be in your Man Cave all day and you’ll need to plug in multiple appliances, including a coffee machine to keep you awake. And you’ll need to keep your computer and phone charged with a USB wall outlet so that you can work and not miss any critical emails while you watch basketball for ten hours. You can also take a look at the Back-Up Power Station. Or, you can consider this outlet extender and wall charger for your Man Cave…

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