Oktoberfest Beer Stein

This boot -shaped glass beer glass has two lion patterns in Germany, and there is also a German Bayern Lion made of Pewter materials on the lid. 

Fine reliefs, elegant layout, and the artist’s serious color painting. Added a lot of fans to this beer glass. This metal cover is to ensure that the beer is cold and fresh, and Bottle Cap toprevent leaves and debris from falling in.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this German Oktoberfest das boot beer stein is just cool. C’mon, just imagine hanging out in your Man Cave and drinking out of this German Oktoberfest das boot beer stein. While you watch football.

Did you know that the German beer mug is very popular in Bavaria, Germany. So, it’s also called the Bavarian Stein. In the middle of the 16th century, Germany clearly stipulated that food and beverage utensils must be stamped. Of course, beer glasses are also included. Further, the beer glasses of this period are all with lids, often attached to a tin pewter top lid. There is also a thumb button on the edge of the lid so that the user can open the lid while holding the beer glass. And once the button is released, the beer glass will be covered. Why? To avoid the entry of germs in the air. We mean, who want germs. Until now, the lid is also a kind of decoration, continuing today.

You can also consider the actual Das Boot for your Man Cave barware. Or even the Pewter Tankard. Or the German Stein Glass. Otherwise, how about Oktoberfest beer mug glass tankard. It holds almost 17 ounces of beer.

Oktoberfest glass beer mug tankard