Official Guinness Pint Glasses

These Guinness Pint Glasses are exactly what your home bar needs. Imagine enjoying a cold Guinness from your Guinness pint glass, you’ll feel as if you’re in an old Irish pub of your own.

This Guinness Pint Glass is branded with the traditional Guinness logo and colors, and an embossed Guinness Harp on the back. These glasses make for a perfect gift for any occasion or as an addition to your personal bar.

WHY BUY THIS? Because if you’re going to have a pint of Guinness beer, you might as well have at least four official Guinness glasses in your Man Cave. That is, assuming you have at least three friends to enjoy that pint of Guinness beer from an official glass. And you can go all in with some Guinness Wall Décor. Is that Darth Vader holding the Guinness? You can also take a look at the Guinness Shamrock Pub Sign for your Man Cave. And this Guinness Hockey Jersey will sure as heck impress your friends…right? Or, imagine showing up to your kid’s youth hockey game sporting this jersey…

Guinness Hockey Jersey