Oak Barrel Table

Cheeky Chicks Solid Oak Wooden Whiskey Rustic Brodie Balmoral Barrel Cabinet and 2 Arm Chairs.

WHY BUY THIS? Because just image this rustic oak barrel table and chairs situated in the corner of your Man Cave. This rustic oak barrel table and chairs is made from recycled whisky barrels that have been used in some of Scotland’s finest distilleries. Have you been to Scotland? If not, put it on your bucket list so that you can go to the finest distilleries in Scotland. Or just get this table set, watch Braveheart, and feel like you’re in Scotland.

You can also consider the Whiskey Barrel Side Table for your Man Cave. Or take a look at the Whiskey Barrel Bistro Table. Or even the Guinness Recycled Barrel Table for your basement bar area. Otherwise, how about this round barrel pub table with a lazy susan.

round barrel pub table with lazy Susan