NHL Tavern Sign

The eclectic charm of these metal “vintage-inspired” iconic signs have now been recreated to combine the nostalgia, loyalty and passion for you favorite sports team.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you can proudly celebrate your hockey fandom with this metal “vintage-inspired” iconic NHL tavern sign. Unfortunately it appears only fifteen NHL teams are available, and it looks like they have five of the original six NHL teams: Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Montreal. Who is the sixth you ask? If you’re a die-hard hockey person, you know it. Otherwise, google it. Okay, it’s Toronto, an awesome city to visit if you have a chance.

Again, if you love hockey, then you need the Hockey Puck Beer Cooler.  You know, when you’re tailgating before your kids house hockey game. And if you want to check out cool NHL apparel, go to CoolHockey.com. Or how about the Rotating Lighted Wall Sign. Otherwise, in addition to the NHL Tavern Sign, if you want something that contains the original six NHL teams, then consider this hockey banner.

Original 6 NHL Hockey Banner