NHL Original 6 Banner

Constructed of heavy wool fabric with embroidery and applique design detail.

Actual size of the banner is 8″ W x 32″L and comes with a ready for hanging nylon cord.

The perfect way for all NHL fans to show their loyalty and passion for their home team.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you can proudly celebrate your hockey fandom in your Man Cave with this NHL Original 6 Heritage Banner. Without looking at it, who are the original six NHL teams? If you’re a die-hard hockey person, you know, of course,  that it’s Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York,  Toronto, and Montreal. You can also take a look at the NHL Tavern Sign for your Man Cave.

And if you want to check out cool NHL apparel, go to CoolHockey.com. Otherwise, if you want to wear something that contains the original 6 NHL teams, besides a banner, then consider this t-shirt, which you can wear in your Man Cave while you watch hockey…

NHL Original Six T-Shirt