NFL Blitz Legends Arcade

An absolute must have for your family game room, game cave, or home office! Arcade1Up gaming cabinet plays great, looks great, and are instant conversation pieces. 4 simultaneous players, endless animation and inspired fun.

3 arcade video games, 1 cabinet, unlimited nostalgic football fun. Includes NFL BLITZ, NFL BLITZ ‘99, and NFL BLITZ 2000: GOLD EDITION. See how you stack up to the competition with WiFi online multiplayer and leaderboards!

WHY BUY THIS? As explained in the description, this NFL Blitz Legends Arcade game is an absolute must for your Man Cave. It really is. C’mon, it’s a video football  game. Brett Favre is on the side of the game. You remember him in There’s Something about Mary. And it’s worth the price as it will provide an eternity of fun in your Man Cave. Yes, you and your friends will actually play this. While you consume beer. And the NFL Blitz Legends Arcade game won’t collect dust. You can take a look at the Cocktail Arcade Machine or the Terminator Arcade Machine as well. Oh, and you also probably remember the Golden Tee Arcade Machine, which provide just as much entertainment. This is 3D too. Get both for your Man Cave.

golden tee 3D arcade machine