Neon Open Sign

Fitnate neon Open Signs using the bigger F8 LED which are ultra-bright and striking. It’s different from other traditional open signboards. It would attract lots of passerby’s’ attention for your Man Cave!

Flashing or Steady light to meet different needs. Just plug in and play!

WHY BUY THIS? Because you want to let your patrons, uh friends, know that your Man Cave or Speakeasy is open, though we assume it’s open 24 hours, at least for you. This neon open sign is ultra-bright, as described, but still looks nice even when not on, and has blinking option. Most importantly, it comes with a remote so you don’t have to rise from your recliner. Bonus. You can also consider a smaller and lesser expensive Neon Open Sign. Or you can go all in with a LED Open Sign with Business Hours. Imagine that in your Man Cave. If you want a neon sign, then take a look at the Custom LED Neon Sign. You can customize in whatever manner you choose. Otherwise, you can consider this similar, but different, version of the sign…

open sign