Natural Wood Side Table

With the help of 100+ Experts and skilled men, we believe that we are creating an art and memories, so we do take help of our customers in manufacturing this beauty to their home so we take approvals at every stage of manufacturing of the table. 

Once an order has been placed, we do send the wood placements to you to check and keep you posted every 4 days on the on-going process and resin filling of the table, its love and attachment for your lovely handmade dining resin table. We do send final images before dispatch to check and approve. 

We accept each and every type of resin Table customization in terms of Sizes, shapes or colors. Each and every order is custom made, hence we can mix up the designs, select wood patterns like live edge, chose and match resin colors as per your needs.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this epoxy resin natural wood side table will add a unique flair to your Man Cave. This epoxy resin natural wood side table can be customized with over 3000 patterns and designs. This table is made with natural kilned wood, which is dried prior to putting them into any type of design/shape. The wood is filled with high quality resin or trimmed shaped to a design pattern. The wood and resin type will vary depending on the design.

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