Music Guitar Table Lamp

When life meets art, use design to change the temperament of your home. This Music Guitar Art light is the perfect choice for your home.

Crafted from high-quality iron piping, it is strong and corrosion-resistant; The lights arm can be freely adjusted art-inspired with a modern look and superb craftsmanship. It reflects a strong retro metal industrial style!

WHY BECAUSE THIS? Because you’ll need some additional lighting in your Man Cave, and, well, this is quite an interesting piece of art -slash- lamp thing. And for some reason, looking at it reminds us of the scene from the classic late 70’s movie Animal House where Bluto destroys the guitar. You know what we’re talking about. The guy with the guitar on the stairs singing “I gave my love a cherry that had no stone…” Just make sure that nobody picks this up, and starts slamming it on the walls.


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