Murphy Cabinet Chest Bed

Our Daily Delight Murphy Bed can be used occasionally or everyday sleeping. You can also use the Daily Delight Murphy Bed as a storage unit and a tv stand. It’s your space saving solution. During the day it’s a cabinet dresser, at night it’s a Queen Bed.

You will be sleeping on a plush six inch memory foam mattress (included). The mattress will give you a rejuvenated nights sleep.

WHY BUY THIS? Because it’s a Murphy Bed. Didn’t you always want one? Well, maybe not, or maybe you never even thought about even having one. But hear us out. This will be used when your buddies want to crash in your basement. Yeah, they can sleep on the couch, but this is cooler and much more comfortable. It will be used when your kids have sleepovers. And it will also be used when you have out-of-town guests. We know. We’ve been there before. So, unlike that gym membership, this will get used and belongs somewhere in your Man Cave.


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