Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Imagine you sipping frosted cocktails, beer, teas and water in your new 100% Pure Copper Mug. Polished finish with a comfortable welded handle for durability. Easy to clean and beautiful accessories to store. Order Now.

WHY BUY THIS? Because, yeah, we know everybody is all pissed off at Russian right now, and Putin specifically. To the point that bars and restaurants are Changing the Name of the drink to remove Moscow from it. For the record, Stoli, if that is the Vodka of choice, is now produced in Latvia by Luxembourg-based Stoli Group Sarl. Still, we see that as no reason to not enjoy a Moscow Mule in a Copper Mug. If you want to call it an Ovechkin or Kucherov Mule, which we prefer, that is fine with us. You can take a look at the other Drinkware for your Man Cave. Otherwise, you can consider a more rustic version of the Moscow mule copper mug.