Modular Sofa


Every seat can be moved and re-matched. For convenience and need you also can move and assemble any seat, this is the charm of the modular sectional sofa! 

Hidden storage spaces under each seat measures 20.6″(L) by 20.6″(W) by 6″(H). This feature can solve some of your storage concerns. 

The modular sectional can meet your different needs and provide your guests with a great sleeping solution, the sofa sleeper can fully accommodate 3-4 people who are 6 feet tall.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this modular sectional sofa belongs in a Man Cave. Imagine this facing a 98” television. That’s quite a combination. It potentially could seat ten guests. And this couch is modular. That means, you can configure this modular sofa anyway you like. But we like the U-shape. It has storage underneath each seat too. You know, for the alcoholic beverages you may want to keep hidden from your spouse. Okay, you may not need to do that. You’re an adult. And you can also have a sleepover with your friends. Just like when you were kids. As described, “the sofa sleeper can fully accommodate 3-4 people who are 6 feet tall.” This modular sectional sofa also comes in smaller and less expensive versions.

You can also take a look at the Gigantic Couch. Or the Faux Leather Sectional. Otherwise, you can consider this oversized modular couch for your Man Cave.

oversized couch