Modern Bar Table

Featuring an exquisite mix of open storage shelves and bar table, this height bar table functions as home bar, coffee station, kitchen shelf etc., meeting your various storage needs in kitchen, pantry, dining room, living room or bar.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this inexpensive industrial modern liquor bar table features beautiful wood grain and a black metal frame for maximum impact in your Man Cave. And the rustic aesthetic of this industrial modern liquor bar table will strike a stylish balance and add tons of charm and authenticity. It also has deep storage shelves, which are perfect for placing tableware, cups, snacks, liquor, and wine. And the chairs can be placed under the industrial modern liquor bar table to save space when not being used. It’s an excellent option for smaller Man Caves. Oh, and it’s equipped with a LED light band, which has three adjustable color modes. So, you can create the perfect mood when enjoying a glass of wine with the spouse. Hey, you never know, you may get lucky.  

 You can also consider the Modern Pub Table Set. Or an inexpensive and simple Bar Table Set that’s available in several different colors. And how about the Swing Bar Table. It’s a bit more expensive, but will add functionality and style to your lounging area. Otherwise, you can consider this inexpensive bar table and chair set that will bring style and charm to your Man Cave. The minimalist style and attractive wood grain table top will also add sophistication to your basement bar area. 

bar table set with chairs