Metal Detector

KENTOKTOOL metal detector uses the latest upgraded DSP chip in 2022, which is 30% higher than the original version in terms of detection accuracy. This metal detector has three detection modes.

Will detect all kinds of metals. Eliminate junk metal targets you don’t want. Pinpoint the target metal faster, easier, and more accurately.

WHY BUY THIS? We know what you’re thinking. The only time you’ve seen a metal detector is with that old man on the beach using one as he encroaches on your beach space. But we’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “There’s gold in them thar hills” from the Mark Twain novel The American Claimant. Hey, maybe there is gold in your backyard. Seriously though, hear us out. You place a bunch of Metal Pirate Coins in your backyard. You buy a metal detector for each of your kids and send them on a treasure hunt in your own backyard. It should keep them busy long enough for you to watch some football in your Man Cave.


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