Metal Bear Sculpture

Metal Wall Art, Metal Bear Decor, Bear Wall Art. 

Dimension: *18″W x 12″H / 45x30cm *24″W x 15″H / 60x40cm *30″W x 19″H / 75x50cm *35″W x 23″H / 90x60cm

Matt Black, Black textured static powder coating. Product stands 2 cm (0.78″) away from the wall.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this metal Bear art sculpture would look great hanging from one of your Man Cave walls. And that’s regardless of whether your Man Cave has a theme. Does it need a theme? We don’t think so. But here are 5 Themes to Consider for Your Man Cave. We think your Man Cave should have a variety of unique items hanging from your walls. And of course, a metal Bear wall art sculpture, which comes in several sizes, could be one of those items. There are numerous other Metal Wall Art Pieces for your choosing. If you want to add more bear decor, then take a look at the Black Bear Side Table. Oh, and here is another version to consider…

Metal Bear