Metal Bear Wall Sculpture

Metal Wall Art, Metal Bear Decor, Bear Wall Art. 

Dimension: *18″W x 12″H / 45x30cm *24″W x 15″H / 60x40cm *30″W x 19″H / 75x50cm *35″W x 23″H / 90x60cm

Matt Black, Black textured static powder coating. Product stands 2 cm (0.78″) away from the wall.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this would look great hanging from one of your Man Cave walls regardless of whether your Man Cave has a theme. Does it need a theme? We don’t think so. We think your Man Cave should have a variety of unique items hanging from your walls. And of course, a metal Bear, which comes in several sizes, could be one of those items. There are numerous other Metal Wall Art Pieces for your choosing.


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