Maverick’s Low Acid Coffee

Midnight Ride Blend – 100% Organic Ingredients (Coffee Ground) 16 oz – Bold and Smooth Dark Roast with 90% Less Acid – Safe for GERD and Keto Diets.

WHY BUY THIS? We know you are at the age where you cannot function without guzzling at least a half a pot of coffee in the morning. And you are also at that age where you may suffer from constant heartburn. Just like munching down a dozen atomic buffalo wings, coffee has the potential to trigger that heartburn due to high acidity content of coffee in general. We highly recommend Maverick’s organic low acid coffee. In fact, this is our go-to coffee, and not just because it has the name of Tom Cruise’s character from Top Gun. Hey, Maverick’s organic low acid coffee also has a bad-ass looking man, a Mexican Indiana Jones, on the packaging. And as a side note, we much prefer Val Kilmer’s Iceman character from the original Top Gun. In our opinion, Iceman is the Man. And still is. You can also take a look at other Healthy Items. Oh, and you can also consider Lucy Jo’s coffee…

Lucy Jo Coffee