Magnetic Bottle Opener

No more worrying about messy floors of scattering bottle caps. This novelty beer opener gifts for beer lovers or women can catch the cap as soon as you flip the top off. The Magnetic Bottle Opener are super srtong that can hold up to 30 caps.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you’re going to be drinking bottled beer in your Man Cave at some point and some of the bottles won’t be a twist-off. Well, you can get a regular old opener or one that mounts on your wall. Or one like this magnetic wall-mounted bottle opener. Or you can try to twist them off yourself, but you could be susceptible to a hernia. And this magnetic wall-mounted bottle opener is a pretty neat little contraption. The bottle cap is caught once you flip it off. We call that magic, or, uh, a magnetic force.

You can look at other possible Openers. Or, you can consider this magnetic opener with a basketball net for your Man Cave.

magnetic bottle opener with basketball net