Lord Raffles Throne Chair

Originally created for Lord Thomas Stamford raffles, who founded the British colony of Singapore, it features deep, large-scale solid mahogany hand-carvings of royal court symbols & massive growling lion heads that require over a week of work by a single artisan. The comfortable seats & deeply cushioned backs are hand-upholstered & double piped on both sides in a Heraldic jacquard of aristocratic gold, burgundy, & navy. The Regal gothic throne is topped by an ornate hand-carved mahogany coat of arms as an investment in fine European styling. Impressive paired or individually. 36″Wx37″dx69.5″h. 86 lbs.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this is a friggin’ King’s Chair. Okay, imagine the look on the faces of your buddies when they show up to your Man Cave and see you sitting in the Lord Raffles Throne Chair. For once and for all, show your buddies who wears the pants in your relationship. It’s hand-carved solid mahogany and “each piece is hand-upholstered by Toscano craftsmen.” Hey, we want to know how you become a Toscano craftsmen. And this beauty is almost 70 inches tall. That’s, uh, five feet and eight inches, which is pretty high for a chair. But hey, the owner of the Man Cave should have the tallest chair in the room, and it should be the centerpiece. Maybe even build a platform for this directly in the middle of your Man Cave. Okay, nobody sitting behind you will be able to see the television, but does that matter.

Hey, you also add this to your Man Cave and add some more stuff to Make Your Man Cave More Medieval.  Otherwise, you can consider the Royal Chair, the Royal Throne Chair, or this friggin’ Alfred the Golden Throne Chair. It’s designed to pay homage to Alfred, King of Wessex, in case you wanted to know. Imagine being seating in this beauty while welcoming guests that enter your Man Cave. They’d have to bow down to you.

Alfred the golden throne chair