Linen Push Back Recliner

Assembled in less than 15 minutes, this recliner will make the perfect addition to your Man Cave.

Accented with hand-tacked antique bronze nail head trim for a stylish addition to your furniture collection.

Simply push back to recline whenever you want to relax, no levers or buttons are required.

WHY BUY THIS? Because, even though this push back recliner chair is made of linen and not leather, it’s made with “a durable, easy-to-clean cloth fabric and filled with foam & sinuous springs in all the right places.” And no levers too. Simply push back on this chair. But most importantly, this linen push back recliner chair can be “assembled in less than 15 minutes.” You can do a lot of things in less than 15 minutes, but we never thought assembling furniture was one of them, though we suspect assembly merely consists of screwing on the chair legs. You can also take a look at the Zero Gravity Leather Recliner. Or, you may also want to consider this reasonably priced similar chair for your Man Cave…

Leather Push Back Recliner



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