Lighted Wine Whiskey Rack

This wine or whiskey rack looks great in the evening! Showcase your best wines, or that special bottle of whiskey, illuminated. LED lights are battery powered(3-AA, which are included) and the battery pack tucks in nice on the top shelf. Reclaimed rack is the same as my others, will hold your largest bottles of whiskey. The bow of the staves provides plenty of room. All made from reclaimed California wine barrels. Will hold approx 12-14 bottles, The outline with the sides and the top are the exact dimensions of a full size barrel, 36″ tall by about 30″ wide.

WHY BUY THIS? Because it’s a lighted wine whiskey rack and in the evening when your Man Cave is dark, you’ll be able to reach out and grab a bottle of your favorite liquor without turning on the lights.  The only thing better than this lighted wine whiskey rack would be if this had some kind of extendo-arm claw that would grasp the liquor bottle and hand it to you. Kind of like that arcade game where your kids (or you) pump in a ton of money in order to guide a giant claw into a pit of cheap stuffed animals. Yeah, it’s the thrill of the hunt that keeps you going. Hey, maybe there is something similar for liquor. Wait, we may have an idea for a product. Call Starkist. You can also take a look at other Liquor Display options. Otherwise, consider this beauty for your Man Cave…

lighted liquor wooden storage