King Tut Wall Canvas

ARRIVES READY TO HANG! Unlike most of our competitors, we deliver our inspirational wall decor pre-framed, with HANGING HARDWARE pre-installed and REAL WOOD wall frames that are ANTI-WARP for extra durability. ZERO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED! Choose from a RANGE OF SIZES to suit your unique workspace perfectly.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this is King Tutankhamun, King Tut for short. And he’s a frickin’ legend. A quick history lesson for those under thirty-five. Steve Martin sang about King Tut, and if you are not familiar with Steve Martin, go watch The Jerk. And King Tut was about eight when he became Pharaoh. In contrast, you were probably picking dandelions in the outfield playing little league baseball when you were eight. He also married his half-sister. Hey, at least it was not his full sister, which was probably not frowned upon back in his day. We think this King Tut Canvas, which comes in several different sizes, would be a nice addition to your Man Cave. You deserve to live like King Tut. But just don’t marry your half-sister. And if you want that Ancient Egyptian Motif for your Man Cave, you can also take a look at the Egyptian Cobra Side Table. Or, if your really a King Tut fan, in addition to the King Tut Canvas, you can consider this Tomb of Tutankhamun Egyptian Sarcophagus Coffin Wall Sculpture, which is around 4 feet in height and would be envy of your friends when they see it hanging in your Man Cave.

king tut coffin wall sculpture