Encourage healthy, active play outdoors with this 10” red playground ball for kids! Made using durable pvc materials, it bounces upon impact for delightful play at the park, yard, beach, or while camping. Both kids and adults will get a kick out of this.

Reduce screen time and amplify active play with this playground ball for kids. Made using high quality material and designed with a grooved surface for better grip, it’s perfect for playing with little ones in the yard.

WHY BUY THIS? It’s cheaper than Pickleball. And if you are a baby boomer, you played kickball with a red ball during elementary school recess. And of course, bombardment where you would protect a pin while having hard rubber balls thrown at you, which we are sure is now outlawed in every state. It’s old school, and apparently new school too. Back in the day, the teachers would roll out the red ball during outside recess, and sit on the sidelines smoking cigarettes as you essentially played baseball with a red rubber ball. How much simpler can it be? At home you would play in the street, and yes, they were some kids who actually would slide on pavement. Now there is the World Kickball Association with numerous adult leagues playing the game with the red ball. Who knew growing up decades ago this sport with a red ball would transform into a semi-professional sport. Man, if we only had a DeLorean Time Machine. Oh, and if you want to really go old school, then take a look at Whiffle Ball. And how about the classic game of Badminton? You remember that.