Key Lock Box

Expertly crafted of 16-gauge, heavy-duty steel with a scratch-resistant finish to provide long-term durability and use throughout the years, as well as extra protection for your keys. In addition, a continuous piano hinge keeps the door in line with the cabinet to supply years of reliable use.

WHY BUY THIS? Just in case any of your buddies had too much to drink, and insists on driving. Specifically, when you throw that bi-annual Toga party in your Man Cave, and there’s lot of drinking. We know, “Toga, Toga, Toga….”  We can see Senator Blutarsky now. Also, you can use it in case you have, you know, that big political fundraising party and you want your fifteen year old son or daughter, who by the way is just learning how to drive, to valet park the cars for your guests. What better way to learn how to drive. But for starters, you can mount this on your Man Cave wall, and tell your friends they can drink, but can’t drive, unless you’re playing golf of course.


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