Jellyfish Lava Lamp

Lifelike Super Jellyfish will dance soothingly on your desk .Release your loneliness away if you personally stay alone at your home or office.Much alike “Real Pet “to Relive Your Daily Stress

Our Jellyfish Lamp comes with 18 color changing options and 4 settings to match your mood. The Lifelike Jellyfishes moving with changing light will create a Dazzling effect and Mesmerize the viewers. With RFD technology remote, you can control the lamp from a greater distance.


WHY BUY THIS? You remember the 70’s, right? Well, maybe not. Beside hippies and the rise of disco (as well as a bunch of other stuff), the 70’s introduced us to the lava lamp. This particular jellyfish lava lamp will help reduce stress. And it will radiate your Man Cave with magical brightness.We think at nighttime you’ll be mesmerized by the colors of this jellyfish lava lamp. In fact, you’ll immerse yourself in the peace and calm of the ocean after a long stressful day of watching football. Okay, maybe not that stressful. You can also take a look at the Laser Star Projector or the Sandscape. Oh, and here is another lava light source that may provide a relaxing mood to your Man Cave.

lava light source