Jellyfish Aquarium Lava Lamp

Can be used not only as a desk lamp but also as a wall sconce. As a wall lamp, it is easy to install, comes with mounting screw parts and drawings, and plugs into the wall as a night light via the 2m USB charging port. As a desk lamp,simply place it on your desk with the placement base and it will bring the relaxed vibe it gives your desk.

WHY BUY THIS? You remember the 70’s, right? Well, maybe not. Beside hippies and the rise of disco (as well as a bunch of other stuff), the 70’s introduced us to the Lava Lamp. This particular one can be used as a table lamp or a wall lamp. And it has USB charging ports. We think at nighttime you’ll be mesmerized by the colors. In fact, you’ll immerse yourself in the “peace and calm of the ocean” after a long stressful day of watching football. Okay, maybe not that stressful…


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