Island Hopper Bounce House

The Island Hopper Fort All Sport is an indoor/outdoor recreational bounce house perfect for parties and year round play. The 3’ elevated “lookout” area is a soft playhouse accessed by a 4 step climbing wall or climb up from the inside “safe return slide” and then back down for a fast, fun escape to the bounce house floor. Play soft shot soccer or have a slam dunk contest with the soft soccer/basketball that is included.

WHY BUY THIS? Because you live in Alaska or some other venue where its frigid throughout the football season. Unfortunately, you can’t entertain your kids with an inflatable water slide. That is, unless you want to turn your yard into a Backyard Ice Rink, which we endorse in venues that stay below freezing for months on end. This island hopper inflatable bounce house can be set up both indoors and outdoors. Otherwise, it’s critical that your kids have access to either an Xbox Series S, PS5 or even Skeeball. We know one or more of these items will definitely keep them an entertained long enough to watch a three hour plus football game.

Instead of the island hopper version, you can also take a look at the inflatable Bounce House for both indoor and outdoor use. Or the Inflatable Water Slide. Or this combination of both.

combo bounce and water slide