Inflatable Water Slide

Climb, Slide And Splash Around – Water Park Includes Built In Basketball Hoop, Over Head Sprinkler And Water Spraying Wave.

Over 14 Feet Long, 10 Feet Wide And 8 Feet Tall!

Surf ‘N Splash Water Park Includes 1 Inflatable Basketball For Unlimited Water Fun.

Heavy Duty -Made With Super Strong Materials For Durable Play. Patch Kit Included, Small Pin Holes Can Be Covered Up And Make The Product Fill With Air Properly.

Inflates In Less Than 2 Minutes – Quick And Easy Set Up.

WHY BUY THIS? Let us set the scenario. It’s college football season, and it’s still warm wherever you are, or its always warm wherever you are. There’s a big game on in the afternoon time slot (think Alabama-LSU-Penn State-Ohio State). You need to keep the kids entertained for a few hours, and make your spouse happy. Simple. Set this inflatable giant blow up water slide up, which takes about 20 minutes.Then hire a babysitter, and enjoy the game. Your kids will be tired so they will fall asleep early and you will be able to watch the night game without interruption. The one downside is that his inflatable giant blow up water slide involves water. So it must dry out before putting back in storage.

In that case, you may want to think about this Inflatable Obstacle Course. It’s easier, and quicker, to set up, and it does not involve water, though you can always add Reusable Water Balloons to the mix. You can also take a look at the Island Hopper Bounce House. Otherwise, you can consider this giant slip n’ slide for your backyard…

giant slip n' slide