Hook Ring Toss Game

Unlike classic darts, toss the rings on the solid wood target without damaging your walls. Very safe for children so the kiddos can play without supervision. Just relax, play, and enjoy! 

Choose from the Classic Hook Darts wall game or play exclusive SWOOC originals like Doom and Battleship. Designed for all ages and skill levels. Never get bored with Lucky #13, Add ‘Em Up, Even the Odds, & more! 

Hand-crafted from 100% sustainably sourced New Zealand pine. In partnership with Trees for the Future, a 501(c)(3) organization, SWOOC Games will plant a tree for every order. Let’s protect this playground we call Earth.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this hook and ring toss game is epic. How do you play, you ask? Simply toss rings into numbered hooks and earn points. Score exactly 101 to win! But it’s not that simple! Points exceeding 101 are subtracted from your score. Win the race to score 101 first and be the champ of your Man Cave! This hook and ring toss game is the perfect game for quick battles with your kids, back-and-forth wars with the in-laws, or even family game night. Or how about with your friends in your basement bar. Involving drinking. That’s a novel idea. Each game takes just a few minutes to play with endless fun and excitement!

You can also take a look at Golf Pong Cornhole Game. Or the Ringer Darts Toss Game. But you have to keep score. Or the Giant Version of the game that involves tossing rings. It’s safer than darts. Otherwise, how about this Bigfoot version.

bigfoot ring toss game