Homecraft Mini Kegerator

Works with 5 liter reusable keg growler (included), or any standard pressurized or non pressurized mini keg

Beer stays fresh for 30+ days after tapping

Thermoelectric cooling system keeps beer cold

LED temperature gauge: cools as low as 36 Degree based on ambient temperature

Quiet operation: no compressor, no vibration, low noise

Includes 3 CO2 cartridges (works with standard non threaded CO2 or N2O cartridges)

Easy pull tap handle

Squeeze bottle cleaning kit to keep beer lines fresh and clean

Removable drip tray.

WHY BUY THIS? The Homecraft Mini Kegerator comes with a 128 oz reusable growler if you want to file it with your own homebrew or favorite beer from your local microbrewery. Or, you can use any 5 liter pressurized or non-pressurized keg, including, but not limited Heineken, Coors, and Newcastle. This item works with standard threaded Co2 and No2 cartridges that should keep the beer fresh for at least thirty days, though we expect you to finish off 128 ounces of beer well before thirty days. If you want to get a better understanding of how the Homecraft Mini Kegerator, just watch the video on the product page. You can keep this on the Home Bar Cart. And you can also take a look at the NutriChef Mini Keg. Or, you can consider this stainless steel beer growler…

stainless steel beer growler