Han Solo In Carbonite

Main product decal size is 31″W x 78″H

Ideal for decorating any room in the home or office; safe for painted walls and other smooth surfaces! Just peel, stick and impress, it’s that easy. No tape or tacks required.

It’s removable too.

WHY BUY THIS? Because it’s Han Solo frozen in carbonite. You remember, prior to getting frozen in carbonite, Princess Leila tells him she loves him, and he simply responds, “I know.” If he wasn’t about to get frozen in carbonite, she might’ve cut off his…well, you know what we’re referring too. Imagine responding to your spouse in that manner. But we digress, this belongs in your Man Cave. Again, it’s Han Solo frozen in carbonite. You can also take a look at the Wanted Poster of Han. Okay, what about the Millennium Falcon area rug. Yeah, you’re thinking about it for your Man Cave. Pretty cool…

millennium falcon rug