Hamlet Whiskey Glasses

Brevity is the soul of wit – from the Shakespearian tragedy masterpiece Hamlet. Experience Prince Hamlet’s revenge against Claudius in this iconic glassware. Vintage first edition imagery features an art deco style illustration from the story, as well as the opening page of this world renown text.

10 oz with a heavy base: Premium quality glassware, 100% LEAD FREE, and just the right size. This glass is suitable for any number of cocktail classics.

Dishwasher safe & guaranteed for life: Each lowball drinking glass has been specially printed to maintain the integrity of the design. Will not wash off or get distorted in the dishwasher. Glasses have also been thoroughly tested to be breakage resistant.

WHY BUY THIS?  Because you remember how much you enjoyed reading Shakespeare in your High School English class. Okay, maybe not. And it’s quite possible that you never actually read Hamlet but merely the Cliff Notes version of the classic Shakespearean story. We’re not judging, since, uh, we might’ve too. Well, now you again can Experience Prince Hamlet’s revenge against Claudius in this iconic glassware.” These unique Hamlet whiskey glasses will no doubt impress your friends, and anybody else you serve your fine liquor too. Or if you’re in to horror stuff, you can also consider Edgar Allen Poe’s Tell-Tale-Heart Spirit Glasses. Or, if you just need whiskey glasses for your Man Cave and you’re not a fan of Hamlet, take a look at the Spinning Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses. You’ll get dizzy just watching them spin. Or the 1983 Vintage Rocks Glass. Otherwise, if you’re a book lover, then you can also consider this H.G. Wells War of the Worlds Whiskey Glass…

Unique War of the Worlds Whiskey Glass