Half-Moon Wooden Home Bar

Half Moon Front Bar With Iron Foot Rail.

Home or restaurant front bar with metal foot rest and wine storage. Has a minimal country style that gives the feeling of being at a local village pub. Made from environment friendly aged repurposed wood.

Dimensions: 79 inches Wide at top by 54 inches Wide at base by 39 inches Long by 44 inches Tall. Door and Drawer: 28 inches in Width. Bottle Openings: 15 inches in Depth Bar Top Counter to Second Level: 9 inches. Bar Top: 14 inches Long.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this half-moon wooden home pub bar is simply a magnificent looking piece of furniture. Okay, it’s fairly expensive and it probably belongs in a restaurant or a “local village pub” rather than your Man Cave. But you will have it for the remainder of your lifetime. As well as your kids and grandkids lifetime too. Its made of repurposed wood, which you heard of, but is not sure what it actually is. Well, repurposed wood essentially is salvaged wood, or is being re-used from a previous application. And if considering a “local village pub” for your Man Cave, you can also take a look at the Tewkesbury Inn Home Pub. Sorry, it doesn’t come with Norm from Cheers, but everybody will know your name. Okay, it’s a bit more expansive than this half-moon wooden home pub bar. But it’s tempting. Or, in keeping with the Half-Moon appearance, you can consider this Howard Miller Libby Bar…

Howard Miller Home Bar


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