Guinness Mug

Made of high quality ceramic this tankard includes an exclusive green collection label on the front and is one part of the Guinness green collection. 

This Guinness Green Collection Tankard is not machine safe and should be hand washed to last for years to come to keep enjoying your drink/pints.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this Guinness ceramic green beer mug will make your Man Cave feel complete. This beer mug combines the traditional Guinness label on the front and a dimpled ceramic detail on the exterior. What is the Guinness story? Well, it all starts with just one man, but it’s not down to a single ‘eureka’ moment. The history of Guinness is a stirring tale of inspiration, dedication, ingenuity and effort. It’s over two centuries of sublime brewing craft, a remarkable knack for spreading the word and more than a few leaps of faith. It’s the story of how a unique Irish stout pints became, with a little magic, one of the World’s best-loved beers. This Guinness beer mug is exactly what you need to enjoy the taste of Guinness in your home. This large drink cup a wonderful addition to your basement bar area. Get one, two, or several of them. It’s inexpensive.

You can also take a look at the Guinness Shamrock Pub Sign. Or how about the Guinness Green Pint Glass. It holds 20 ounces of beer, slightly more than a pint. And you can consider the Guinness Bar Mat as well the Beer Barrell Guinness Coaster Set. Check it out. Finally, you can take a look at this dimpled Guinness beer mug. It also holds 20 ounces of beer.

dimpled Guinness beer mug