Groundhog Day Game

Relive the classic movie fans watch every February 2nd! 

Play as cynical but lovable weatherman, Phil Connors. 

Help Phil perfect his day in a cooperative, fun family game. 

Fast-paced play generates silent excitement around the table.

Quotes on all 60 cards highlight memorable movie scenes.

Playful artwork recreates Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania’s quirky people and places. 

Game Contents: Game Board, 60 Cards, Alarm Clock Tile, Groundhog Mover, 26 Score Tokens, Sand Timer, Instructions.


WHY BUY THIS? Because you can play the Groundhog Day board game over, and over, and over again. And not just on February 2nd. It includes a Flocked Punxsutawney Phil Pop! figure! Bonus. You can play the Groundhog Day board game with your family while you wear this T-Shirt. Or let your family play it while you watch football in your Man Cave. Or watch one of 10 Football Movies to Watch in your Man Cave.  And we’re sure you can turn this Groundhog Day board game into a drinking game with your friends too. But if that’s the goal, it would be simpler to play the Shot Spinner Game. So, did Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow this year? We’re not sure. And we’re not sure what it means if he did. You can also take a look at other TV & Move Decor. Otherwise, you can consider this vintage Groundhog Day Poster.

vintage Groundhog Day poster