Golf Rangefinder

Golf compensation mode uses distance and angle to generate accurate calculations and help you make the right decision. Flagpole-lock technology can help you lock target, once target is locked, device will vibrate. Straight-line distance & Height and Level Mode & Speed Mode suitable for Measurement and Hunting.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this golf GPS rangefinder is not for looking at the charging Bear when you are hiking in Yosemite. Rather, it will pinpoint the exact yardage from where your golf ball is to the pin as long as you have a line of sight. Even if your ball is in the woods. You need that because you know you hit your Seven Iron exactly 162 yards. Other than reaching for the driver, one of the biggest mistakes for amateur golfers is not knowing the correct yardage. Most amateur golfer hit a higher club than it should. We recognize that most golf courses have GPS or their is a GPS phone app, but it does not measure to the pin but generally to the center of the green. And the golf GPS rangefinder makes you look like a serious golfer (or hiker). You can also take a look at other Golf Essentials. But most importantly, you’ll need this flask…