Bluetooth Speaker with Mount

The Ampcaddy features crystal clear sound that projects on the green and bass that amplifies your golf game. Enhance your golfing experience through music with the Ampcaddy Golf Speaker. Powerful 15 Watts with Bass Boost 2″ Resonator.

WHY BUY THIS? Because with this bluetooth speaker with mount for the golf cart, you can listen to music and swing the club at the same time. Do you really need to have complete silence when you swing your golf club? Okay, maybe if you’re actually a good golfer. And you have the ability to concentrate for more than fifteen seconds. Otherwise, if you’re a weekend warrior with a high handicap, like us and most golfers in this world, you’d rather have a Flask filled with bourbon and some tunes to make your round enjoyable. You’re going to shoot around a 100 anyway. So enjoy yourself with this bluetooth speaker with mount while you cruise around in the golf cart. You can also take a look at other Golf Essentials to make your round more enjoyable. Specifically, you will need the Perfecto Cigar Holder that attaches to a golf cart. You know, you leave your cigar as you go putt out for your triple bogey. Or better yet, the Cigar Stand so you don’t have to wait until you get back to the golf cart to inhale that cigar. Back to bluetooth, you can also consider this magnetic version for the golf cart that comes in a pair…

magnetic speaker