Golf Ball Retriever

Stainless Extendable Golf Ball Retriever: The telescopic rod is component of stainless steel, won’t get rust even though immersing in the water. Telescopic design, longest length is 2.74m / 9 ft, can get back your ball from pond, mud, bushes and alligator easily.

Lightweight but Strong Enough: It weights only 8 Oz, won’t feel any weight when keep using it. Stainless shaft give a strong feel as well as metallic looking that matches your irons.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this ball retriever is a must for your Golf Bag, because if there is water on the course and you are a 20 plus handicap, you are bound to drop a ball or two into the drink. Just don’t be that guy that spends fifteen minutes looking for your golf balls. Or fifteen minutes trying to collect golf balls from the water. You know, that old man who spends a half hour fishing out 80 balls from the lake. It is the same old dude who hangs out at the beach searching the sand with a Metal Detector, thinking he’s going to find another tomb of King Tut. Also, make sure you’re not using this golf ball retriever in water such as this Shark-infested Golf Course in, of course, Australia. You can also take a look at other Golf Essentials. Oh, and you need this shag bag too…

shag bag