Golf Ball Finder Sport Glasses

High definition vision, glare blocking, reduce fatigue, true color, strong impact resistance, comfort, 100% UV400 protection, easy to clean and durable. Not only help you see the ball better in flight, also have a stylish look and a comfortable fit.

WHY BUY THIS? We do not think this actually helps you find your golf ball if it is buried in the rough or sixty yards into the woods. Rather, it allows you to follow your golf ball better after you shank it into the rough. At least you should know the vicinity of where your golf ball landed, but just do not be that guy who spends fifteen minutes looking for his golf ball, thinking that if he finds it, he will be able to chip out, hit his third shot to within 8 feet of the pin, and then roll in the putt to save par. Wake up, you are not Arnold Palmer, so that’s not going to happen. Just drop another ball if you cannot find your ball within a minute, because folks are waiting behind you, and they are pissed. But be careful, you may run into a Bear Eating a Golf Ball¬†on the course. Or a Massive Gator.


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