Golden Tee Arcade

Play the most popular arcade golf game of all-time in your own home! Includes 4 games! Golden Tee Classic, Golden Tee 2000, Golden Tee 1999, and Golden Tee 1998. 

Custom, one-foot riser creates a classic upright arcade experience along with a light-up marquee. Machine dimensions: 45.8” H x 22.75” D x 19” W. Weight: 72.5 lbs. 

Perfect basement or game room piece comes equipped with a robust feature list with the arcade trackball controller and buttons which allows you to slice, hook, draw or fade. 

Up to 4 people can play. Play solo or choose to play SKINS or STROKE (for 2 or more players) for hours of golfing fun! 

Choose from 3 different 18-hole courses for each game.

WHY BUY THIS? Because why not go old school and find space in your Man Cave for the golden tee golf arcade game machine. Well, not that old school. It’s first release was in 1989. And it remains extremely popular. In fact, there are actually Tournaments. Yes, you can practice every day on the golden tee golf arcade game machine. And then enter tournaments. Like the Deep Freeze Open, which is a great name for a tournament. It’ll be just like you’re on tour. They probably have golden tee groupies. Who knows. And maybe you can place bets. Okay, check DraftKings. You can definitely bet on darts. Why not arcade tournaments. Honestly, this is almost a must-have for your Man Cave.

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