Oktoberfest Beer Stein

This German-themed ceramic beer stein features a Munich Oktoberfest Beer Wagon. With an ornate metal lid, this beer mug incorporates all the themes of Germany’s Oktoberfest, which includes a beer wagon, hops, beer halls and much more. Perfect for any beer stein collector or beer lover.

WHY BUY THIS? Uh, this is a Oktoberfest Beer Stein Mug, which is a must have for your Man Cave. You can buy this and take it to Octoberfest. Or, you can buy it and just hang out in your Man Cave and drink Weihenstephaner all day while you watch football. You know, you can Have an Oktoberfest Every Saturday in Your Man Cave. Or, you can just have an Oktoberfest themed get together with your buddies in your Man Cave. In September. And October. Oh, and November. Honestly, there are so many Beer Stein Choices we don’t know which one to get for our Man Cave. So buy several Beer Steins or Oktoberfest Beer Stein Mugs. We are certain you will be drinking out of them. You can learn about the History of Oktoberfest, which initially started as a horse race. And apparently, once an Oktoberfest goer, always an Oktoberfest goer. You can also take a look at the Hofbrauhaus Oktoberfest Beer Stein. Or, you can consider another version of an Oktoberfest drinking container…

Oktoberfest Beer Stein Mug