German Stein Glass

This German-themed glass beer mug is engraved with a colorful and exquisite German Bayern lion relief. It is not only a real beer mug, but also can be used as an ornament.

The glass is thick, strong and transparent, and the painter carefully paints it. Many fans are added to this beer glass. The metal cover is to keep the beer cold and fresh. The bottle cover prevents leaves and debris from falling into it.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this German beer stein glass depicts Oktoberfest, which is the most famous carnival in the world. At least, in our opinion. Heck, we think you should Have an Oktoberfest Every Saturday in Your Man Cave. And in case you didn’t know, this German beer stein glass is very popular in Bavaria, Germany. So, it’s also called the Bavarian Stein.

And a bit more history. In the 16th century, Germany required that food and beverage utensils must be stamped. Of course, beer glasses were also included, so the beer glasses of this period were made with lids. There is also a thumb button on the edge of the lid so that the user can open the lid while holding the beer glass, and once the button is released, the beer glass will be covered, which prevented the entry of germs in the air. Yeah, who wants germs in their beer. And most importantly, it holds 24 ounces of beer. For those on the metric system, that’s almost 710 milliliters of beer.

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