Gear Wall Clock

This modern wall clock is bigger than 20 inch, large cut out skeleton style, metal Roman Numerals with aluminium dial and plating brushed copper gold finished, wheels in various different sizes are really turning in the central, clear HD tempered glass lens protects the clock face from dust, and keep it safe and away from broken, It’s so COOL. 

Industrial steampunk style wall clock, brush grey silver metal skeleton with vintage gears in the central. When you put batteries in, various exposed steampunk cogs start rotating. The slight almost silent gears turning gives a quiet and peaceful feeling, definitely an eye-catching wall décor for your home or office. 

The beautiful gears clock in diameter 21 inch, depth 3 inch, perfect combination of modern Contemporary & industrial steampunk style, Fits most decor whether French country, rustic farmhouse, vintage traditional classic, shabby chic, Elegant Mid-century; Suitable for kitchen, dining, living room, fireplace, foyer, hallway, entry hallway, bar, restaurant, coffee house, office, studio, garage, covered outdoor garden and more! 

The large industrial wall clock is using high quality quartz movement to run smoothly, ensuring accurate timing and absolute silence, no annoying ticking. Rustic clock has Big Dial with large Roman numerals under HD clear toughened glass cover, easy to read from any angle. 

WHY BUY THIS? Because this wall clock with moving gears will create an artistic sense of European romantic and elegant style, only for you. Well, and anyone else that enters your Man Cave. The beautiful wall clock with moving gears has a diameter 21 inches. And its depth is 3 inches. Bottom line. It’s a perfect combination of modern contemporary and industrial steampunk style. The slight almost silent gears turning gives a quiet and peaceful feeling, and definitely an eye-catching wall décor for your Man Cave. Hey, we know you can simply look at your phone for the time of day. But this gear clock is a wall statement. And we know at your age that you may require Reading Glasses. There’s nothing wrong with that. But this has large Roman Numerals. So put away those reading glasses.

And if you like the steampunk style, then consider adding a Steampunk Lamp to your basement bar area. You can also take a look at the other Wall Clocks. Including the Steampunk Clock. Otherwise, you can consider this similar stunning industrial wall clock for your Man Cave.

Stunning Industrial Wall Clock