Garment Travel Folder

Measures 15.5 x 12 Inches. Can store up to 6 items of clothing and can easily fit in your carry on luggage, backpack, duffel, suitcase or traveling bag. Front mesh flap allows for circulation and allows your clothes to breathe.

WHY BUY THIS? Because garment travel packing folder it will keep your single dress shirt and sport coat that you take to Vegas wrinkle-free. Really, you will probably go to a few restaurants where you will need to dress appropriately. And we do recommend Giada. C’mon, we don’t expect you to be hitting the night clubs sporting that velvet shirt you wore every other day in High School. And this garment travel packing folder “Comes with a folding board with handy folding guides and helps to keep the shape of your garments while in transit!” You’ll also need the Bubble Wrap Bags for your prized liquor you”ll take to Vegas. Oh, and you’ll also need this organizer for your tech gear…

tech gear organizer