French Bulldog Wine Holder

Imagine the look on your guests faces when they notice that also serves as a fun wine bottle holder!

Individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin. Style: light, luxurious, simple and fashionable. Material: environmentally friendly resin.

WHY BUY THIS? Because this is such a cute French Bulldog wine bottle holder. And it’s not Spuds Mackenzie. For those of you under 40, Spuds Mackenzie was a sunglasses wearing bull terrier used to market Bud Light in the late 80’s. Let’s just say it was genius though Spuds, who was portrayed as a male in the commercials, was actually a female bull terrier. Hey, who could tell. He, or she, was never seen sunbathing naked in any of the commercials. Instead of French, you can also look at the English Bulldog Wine Bottle Holder. Or, if bulldogs are your interest, then consider this Colorful Bulldog Statute.

colorful bulldog statue