Frazier Ali Fight Poster

Custom Framed: 12×18 Inches

Professional Flat Top Black, Finish Molding (Solid Wood)

Includes Glass & Metal Wires installed. Ready for your wall

High Quality Full Color Glossy Print on Thick Cardstock Paper

Dry Mounted on Hot Vacumm Press for a Perfect Flat & Smooth Finish



WHY BUY THIS? Because it’s an Ali and Frazier fight poster. This is the promotion poster for the first Frazier vs. Ali fight in Madison Square Garden. You know, the world’s most famous arena. The first was won by Smoking’ Joe when both he an Ali were undefeated coming into that fight. In the first fight, Smokin’ Joe knocked the man formerly known as Cassius Clay down in the 15th round and went on to win a unanimous decision. Yes, boxing matches went 15 rounds back in the day.

They battled three times, including Super Fight II and the Thrilla in Manilla, with Ali winning two of the three. RIP to both men. You can take a look at the Muhammad Ali Photo. Or, you can consider the Ali vs. Smoking’ Joe Super Fight II promotion poster. It comes in several sizes.

Ali Frazier super fight II promotion poster